Quality Flat Roof Repair

Often times property owners are convinced that a restoration or repair of low-slope or flat roofing is simply not the best option. We, however, at Allstate Roofing Restoration feel that an effective repair can save an owner:

  • Time - Most commercial low-slope roofing repairs take less than one business day
  • Money - repairing vs. replacement can save owners large sums of money over the Useful Lifespan of the roof
  • Effort - Allstate Roofing offers free inspections and damage evaluations and our estimates are valid for sixty days!!

Take a look at some effective roofing repairs!
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Damaged shingles and flashing material should be dealt with as soon as possible as these conditions will inevitably lead to water penetration, eventual wood rot and possible structural damage
Damaged or deteriorated roof jack flashings or boots can allow water to penetrate into the attic or eave soffit. Replacement is relatively simple and there are even roof jack products for electrical masts that allow you to replace the boot without disconnecting the mast or power.
Chimneys that are 30 inches or more in width require a "cricket" or small saddle roof structure to be installed at the backside of the chimney. A cricket helps divert water around the chimney and prevents water ponding and the accumulation of leaves and debris behind the chimney structure.
There are many different and effective methods for repairing low sloped/no sloped roofs or flat roofing. Unfortunately it only takes one bad contractor for a property owner to realize how valuable a reliable roofing contractor may be. If you are facing a roofing repair, take the time to ask questions about the type of material the contractor will be using!