Allstate Roof Restoration

80% of all commercial roofs are replaced prematurely. This is because of a multitude of reasons, but primarily lack of maintenance, improper installation and lack of maintenance. Most roofs can be restored instead of a complete tear off potentially saving the building owner thousands of dollars. Saving money and labor on tear off and replacement is achieved by doing maintenance on a timely basis. Restoring new roof performance always involves less money when done earlier.

Provides waterproofing
Extends roof life up to 30 years
Reflects UV light: p to 90% reflective
Lowers energy costs up to 50%
Eliminates costly tear-offs and material disposal
Avoids noise, dust and debris from roof removal
Lowest life-cycle costs with extended roof performance from existing roofs
Reduces heat stress and UV attack
Highest Insulation Values available: R-30 and R-40 equivalent
Lower surface temperatures (up to 95º lower)
Monolithic, Seamless, & Self-Flashing: No place to leak
​Lowers radiant heat inside building: Lower inside building temperatures up to 12º
Easy maintenance
25-27% less expensive than complete roof replacement
Fully sustainable system: allows you to re-coat rather than replace; saving you money
Renewable Warranty: warranties can be renewed for an additional 10-years
Extremely durable product(s): the coatings are resistant to hail, chemicals and ponding water
Cap Sheet
Built-Up Roofs (BUR)
Tar & Gravel
Modified Bitumen
Single Ply
EPDM Rubber
Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
And More!!